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  1. I am 20 in university and I want to go into property investing. But don’t
    you need a sustainable income to get a mortgage from bank??

  2. This is all quite new to me and I haven’t bought a property yet. It all
    looks very enticing but surely your interests lie in making money so how
    can you negotiate the best deal for the client when you make your
    commission on the buying price? Surely you’re not motivated to negotiate
    the lowest price as your doing yourself out of your cut?

  3. Very informative until you started selling, nobody will ever become a
    sophisticated investor if they delegate what they do not already know like
    the back of their hand.

    The hours and costs are necessary to begin with, and slowly and steadily
    you build up a team to complement the skills you acquire and is competent
    enough to carry out successful real estate transactions efficiently

    If it were as easy as passing the entire process over to a company who are
    able to amass financial freedom for you whilst you live out your days
    sipping mojitos on a beach then everybody would do it.

    Do not fall prey to the “4 hour work week” mentality it will be detrimental
    to your financial success 

  4. Excellent video I am 19 years old trying to gain more knowledge about
    property investment. I have been struggling to find good sources of
    information but this video has helped my understanding of investing in
    property alot!

  5. I read a little of RichDad’s books. It got into my mind that if you have a
    good (buy2let) business plan then the banks will be willing to lend you
    money. If I wanted to borrow money to open a chain of restaurants, I do not
    want the bank to ask me if I have a steady income from my existing job and
    how much deposit do I have. They would only ask me that if they assumed
    my business was too risky, unprofitable or would fail.

  6. I have been in this Bussiness for over 30 years and this presentation is
    good and if you are lucky it can work for you too

    BUT ?? its not easy its not a shortcut to wealth

    You have to factor in LIFE The Credit Crunch was such a event House Prices
    dropped over 40% in the NE they are still 25% below value from the 2007


    its all about affordability if salarys are not riseing property will not go

    I can also remember 15,5% intrest rates and I don’t think we will see that
    rate ever again but it demonstrates what can happen

    If someone askes me what is the hardest part of being a Landlord I would
    say management of Tenants

    Picking the right Tenant takes time and effort

    Manageing Tenanats problems unemployment
    Marrage Brakdowns
    ect ect

    You need to try and plan for it all

    The Team of Experts you mention are all well and good but you are the
    borrower and the buck stops with you 100% not the team around you
    in the past 5 years I have bought properties from repposesed Landlords they
    too came into this business and went out just as fast

    Propertys they bought in 2006 /2007 for £95000 were sold to me for £50000

    Let me now come to new Builds its folly to buy new build ???? you will pay
    over the top
    I have built houses and I know the cost quite well and when you add it all
    up its expencive Buy good Reposed or deceased estate property

    Its better built and its easy to fix

    If you want to make easy money BTL is not for you ??? But if you are going
    to do it my advice is the following

    READ READ READ everything you can
    Join a Landlord association NETWORK
    Find your own area where you know well and buy in it
    Never never pay fees to anyone for a course its all here FREE

    when you have done the above and you want to go into property
    do the followings
    30% deposit
    70% Mortgage on a long term fix (Rates will Rise)
    Capital and repayment Mortgage (I know this is not recommended but its safe)

    when you look at the yield remove 30% for running costs and plan for voids
    and Repairs they will happen

    You can make a lot of money from BTL I have done it and I can not Grummble

    For what its worth if you are buying now with all the hype you have missed
    the opportunity we are going to see a lot of BTL Experts comeing to the
    market just as we did in the 2000,s remember INSIDE TRACK

    They want you to buy it makes them money listen to what they say BUT BE
    CAREFULL its you who could lose out

    Property prices will rise but You need a time window of 20 years and a lot
    can happen in 20 years as we all know


    have all seen problems and some have gone from the High St ten years ago if
    I had said Northen Rock would be Gone nobody would have belived me

    They were all experts They knew what they were doing (I don’t Think So)

    just a note here

    In the Gold rush in USA do you know who made the most money ????

    Answer It was the Companines who sold the Picks and Shovels

    Best of Luck Stay with it you will make money but never never think its

  7. I’ll respectfully disagree with you. Property landlords are all around you
    and they are every day people who have learned how to earn a passive
    income. Please you tube Robert Kiyosaki and watch his explanation of rich
    dad poor dad. It’s a book that changed my life as it made me think
    differently about the lies we were thought at school. Go to school, get a
    good education and then a good job, pay into a pension and retire at 65.
    That model is broken and we all need to find a different model. Thi

  8. … Are all very sensible ordinary and rounded people who have taken the
    time to study it and realised there are fewer safe ways to create an income
    to retire on. They aren’t becoming spectacularly wealthy – they. Are just
    creating a passive income which pays them more than their salaries monthly.
    Just a good idea and creates financial freedom. Love your views

  9. Very intriguing video, I am looking to start this in the near future but
    having to save money In order to invest it. Hope to be in contact in about
    18 months.

  10. Hi Danzi – thanks for your feedback. We’d love to hear from you. Please
    feel free to register your interest on our website and provide your contact
    details so we can diarise a call back for you. Look forward to meeting you
    Kind Regards Robin 0117 9117590

  11. I was looking into this, and IF house prices in general are not inflated
    for those looking to buy a house (to live in as a home, to ultimately own,
    and to retire in, and to provide some security for their children then it
    is ok). People may choose to pay out dead money, it is their choice. I get
    the feeling though that BTL, is a new level of greed cornering the less
    well off, and making a necessity,(a home), into another way to make the
    rich richer, and poor poorer. It is looks to me pretty…

  12. Continued from my previous post Recommend researching fiat currency and
    central banking because our money supply will always expand which creates
    inflation. Also ask yourself would banks lend money to anyone wanting to
    invest in stocks shares or mutual funds? And ask yourself would the house
    of lords who are some of the biggest landlords change legislation to
    penalise themselves? Check out the land registry website to see the trend
    in prices – prices have never withdrawn by any significant val

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