Importance of Bond Cleaning

“Bond cleaning” might sound like a suave procedure to the unawares and may relate it to a more robotic way of doing things. There’s certainly manual labour involved in the process; however, it’s a few notches above normal cleaning routines, in terms of results. Bond cleaning is a more professional way of getting things decked up and neat, or restoring the house to its original condition – both aesthetically and functionality wise. Also known as End of Lease or Exit Cleaning, the process is an attempt by tenants to recover their bond. The process generally comprises washing extractor fans, taking down and polishing light fittings, cleaning window tracks, ensuring spotless cupboards and curtains, etc.

From a landowner’s perspective, bond cleaning helps attract future tenants. Ultimately, no individual or family would like to shift base to a filthy rental place wherein they’ll have to do all the scouring and scrubbing before moving in.

Most tenants assume everything in their new rental abode is spic and span. And, therefore, when they lock eyes with a messed up or untidy place, they invariably steer clear of the property. While some may choose to stick to the place for the pristine locality or for the lack of other rental options at their disposal, the initial disappointment is probably going to stay etched in their minds for some time. In fact, they may use the preliminary impression of the property to bargain the monthly rent in their favour. And if the negotiations do not go well, they may move out leaving the room dirty or sans performing a bond cleaning. These series of events will negatively influence the property’s market image and, therefore, its price.

Hence, it’s important that the aspect of bond cleaning isn’t taken too lightly, and landowners must press their about-to-exit tenants to perform the process in a professional manner. Bond cleaning Brisbane is generally part of the tenant agreement, so demanding a bond clean is definitely not illegal – in case you were worried.