Millions of people all around the globe including property developer tony tzouvelis are now enjoying the newest opportunity for them to get hired through these renewable energy projects. This is such good news not just for those who are in need of jobs but also for the environment of the future generation. IRENA has recorded almost 18% of job rate increase compare to 2013 reason why renewable energy projects like are now considered as the major employer of the world. This is made possible through making costs of renewable energy technology competitive enough compare to coal use. So, many opened their doors welcoming renewable energy installations that hired millions of unemployed people.
Solar PV is now entitled of being the largest employer of the renewable energy project in the whole world, opening up to 2.5 million jobs that focused into the solar power installations. Next to the list is the Liquid biofuels, wind power, biomass, solar heating, biogas, small hydropower, geothermal and the concentrated solar power giving a thousands of jobs in each renewable energy system mentioned. China became the world’s largest employer for the solar PV, Brazil for the biofuels and at the same time with the wind industry. The United States and India are now the next prospects of these large employments for renewable energy related jobs.
Now, renewable energy is declared as the fastest growing industry that promotes jobs worldwide making it a powerhouse for job growth. The only thing that hinders, sad to know is the government because of failing to see the advantages these projects are about to offer the country. This is a serious disadvantage for the Country of Australia, having no clear policy for total transformation to the renewable energy that will possible lead the country behind other countries mentioned above.
So, to think of it, if truly an Abbott government would really love to make job employment as its top priority more than any other, time to erase all doubts and embrace the renewable energy system such as the full solar energy installation all over Australia. This will help boost the economy given that thousands and millions will get hired, people will no longer have the need to seek for any other hard to earn jobs in the country. This will also benefit all the households by reducing the electricity cost for no longer being dependent to the electrical power for all the appliances.
The country needs people’s campaign in favor of the renewable energy system. The big hope is still hoping for the Australian government to let the people enjoy the benefits of the safer and greener environment that will promote a healthier use of energy for all the people. This will be the best time for the government to prioritize the voice of its people that will actually benefit them because these solar panel installations also will get taxed by them. Let the renewable energy employment boost the economic and environmental potential of Australia.

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